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Glad you dropped by We are a company that constantly makes sure that all of your needs are met. We pride ourselves in making sure that we are continuously improving on the type of services that we can provide for you. Our writing services include any type of academic writing from high school up to more complicated written works for Master’s and PhD.

Writer Employment Policy

We are a company who pride ourselves in only taking in the best writers from all over the world. We receive applications for the writing positions that we have available and we go through each application to find freelance writers that will fit well with the company.
We make sure that we have several tests that will allow us to screen our writers profusely. First and foremost, we conduct various tests to test the English writing skills of the applicants. We have to make sure that they are capable to write English fluently. At the same time, they also have to take tests that are related to gathering data and information and placing information through the written works that they will submit. Writing formats are also highly important and we make sure that our writers know the different writing formats that are available and are capable of writing in those said formats.

The tests that we do can make sure that our writers will be able to research and write their required written works at the soonest possible time. We have to make sure that the writers that we will hire can give what is asked of them at a certain time period. Their knowledge should be vast so that they can write about almost everything under the sun.

Quality Testing of Ongoing Writers

The tests on the quality of the written works and skill of our writers do not stop with the assessment if they could be hired by the company. Even our writers continuously have to go through several tests to ensure that the quality of their written works is still up to par with what we would like to give our clients.

We would also like to encourage our clients to also state their ratings about the written works that they have received from the paper writer that they have chosen so that in case a client is unhappy with the type of service that he/she has received, we will be able to look into it at the soonest possible time.

Our Writers’ Achievements

We would like to make sure that we pay close attention to what our writers has achieved so far so we have systems that will allow us to monitor our writers’ achievements. We start by assessing the written works that they have passed over the past couple of weeks. We also take into account the ratings that the writer has received so far from clients. We also take into account if the writer is late or has done actions that are not advisable. Lastly, we also pay attention to the number of customers who request for the same writer to do their written works.

Where Our Writers are from

While we encourage various aspiring writers to apply, most of the writers that we have right now originate from countries with native English speakers. We believe that they are able to show their strengths through their written works and their grasp of the language has helped them become better in providing the written works that clients need.

We believe in making sure that our writers are the best that can be found online and we have different tests and we take control of our professional paper writers’ capabilities and strengths.