How We Work? In the Most Convenient Way for Our Customers!


Our company strongly believes that information is the key to a successful partnership. That is why we always keep our clients well informed about everything they want to know about us. And we figured out that for a number of people the most troublesome part is actually submitting and tracking an order. That is why here is a quick FAQ sheet about how it is done.

  • How do I know that my order will look exactly like I want it to?

To ensure our customers get just what they need we have developed a very specific ordering page. The number of ways you can customize your order is really big, from the number of pages to even the sources and the style.

  • What is the price of an order? How many different fees do I have to pay?

When you are done customizing your order as specifically as you can, the price of the order will be displayed to you. This sum covers absolutely everything, no additional fees will be ever charged.

  • How do I pay?

We understand that everyone prefers and trusts their own payment method, which is why we support nearly all payment systems. Trust us, your greatest convenience is our goal!

  • So I placed a pretty big order and need to check on its progress from time to time. Is there any way I could do that?

Of course, there is! Our website has a special feature that was designed just for you. It is called Customer Area and this is exactly the place where you can check on your current order. Want to check the progress? Done. Need to make some adjustments? Done. Want to contact an expert who is working on your paper? No problem at all!

  • Just got my order back from you and it is pretty amazing. But I still have some clarifications I would like to make with my writer. It is possible? Does it cost extra?

Of course, you can do just that. For two weeks every our client gets any opportunity to contact our service or their writer specifically for absolutely no charge. We just simply want to ensure that you will become our most satisfied customer!

  • Speaking of that, how many of your clients are fully satisfied with your service?

92 percent and still growing! Yes, these are some numbers we are totally proud of.  85% recommend us to their friends, and about 62% come back. And believe us, we would do anything to keep those numbers up.

  • If I have any more questions, can I contact you? And how much time does it usually take to hear back from you because I have an assignment that needs to be done like right now.

Of course, you can contact our service! We are encouraging you to do it as much as you need.  We are available all day every day so you will get the answer right away. Just submit your order and we will start working on it.

We really hope the information on this page answers all your major questions. And we are really excited about working for you. So stop procrastinating and join the ranks of our satisfied customers. Simply go to our ordering page and improve your results!