Guarantees at Essay

Here at Essay, we make sure that our clients are protected by our different terms and conditions. We make sure that they are able to get different services that can make them more comfortable in trying out our services.

Here are just some of the guarantees that we can assure our clients with:

  1. Money Back Guarantee
    This is the type of guarantee that will allow clients to get their money back if in case they are unhappy with the type of service that they have received from the writer. The client simply needs to ask for a refund and the Essay Service will process that immediately and will take less than a week. This type of guarantee does not come often because we make sure that we and our writers will give the best written works possible.
  2. Privacy Policy
    A lot of clients would still like to make sure that their identity is not known to the general public and we can promise that we will not give away any information about our client. Our website is also protected so clients can be sure that all of the details that we gather from our website will not be given to third party websites and other unauthorized personnel.
  3. Revision Policy
    If in case clients would like to have some portions of the written works revised, we make sure that we are always ready to revise the paper depending on what the client wants or what the client is looking for. We always want to make sure that the written works we provide our clients can meet the type of expectations that they want. We will revise papers whenever it is needed.
  4. NO to Plagiarism
    We make sure that all of the papers that are given by our team of highly competent writers are plagiarism free. We make sure that before submitting the paper to the client; we double check it with various tools to ensure that any content written on the paper is not copied from the Internet. The paper should be done uniquely and will pass all of the tests available. We will not allow our clients to get paper that has been plagiarized. The software that we use in order to test the written works is all updated and upgraded to fit the changes that have transpired.
  5. Terms and Conditions
    We do have terms and conditions that we would like our clients to know more about. Our terms and conditions are readily shown on screen and we encourage our clients to read it so that they will know about our policies. The written works, the papers that are acquired from our company should be used for personal use only. The papers that have been written by our capable writers should only be used for what you need. The terms and conditions explain all of the clients’ rights and also their obligations to the company and to the paper that they will receive.

Guaranteed Authentic

We make sure that all of the written works that will be received by the clients are all authentic and can cover different topics that may be needed by the clients. We also do not disclose any information about our clients that can be acquired by other third party sites.