Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of qualities do you look for in writers?
    We make sure that the writers that we hire have a good grasp of the English language which explains why a lot of our writers are native English speakers. Yet, we also let other people from different parts of the globe apply. Another quality that we look for in our speakers is their ability to do research. Being good in writing English is not enough. A certain amount of research is always needed to make sure that written works will be done well. Lastly, we also look for writers who can work well under pressure. We understand that papers should sometimes be done at the soonest possible time. We have to make sure that our writers will be able to provide that.
  2. How long will it take until my order is received?
    It will depend on how fast you would like to get it. We can make it available to you urgently which is a minimum of 6 hours and the latest that we can give you your paper will be in about 2 weeks. Again, we would like to let you know that it will highly depend on when you would like to get your paper.
  3. Why do I need to provide some information about the paper that the writer has to write?
    Through the information that you will provide, it will be easier for the writer to understand about what he/she has to write about. Providing information about the paper will also allow us to know when you would need to get your order and what type of paper you would need to get from our company. We also like you to inform us of the format that we need to follow and the way you would like the writer to write your paper.
  4. What advantages can you promise your clients?
    We can promise that our clients will only get high quality written works that are made by our team of highly competent writers. We can also promise that our clients will receive the written works that they need when they need it. We also have various guarantees that will make it easier for our clients if in case there are some things that they would need to revise about the paper that they have received.
  5. Will placing an order be hard and complicated?
    We pride our company in making sure that ordering will be done easily. For instance, we make sure that there are appropriate links that our clients can follow so that they can easily write the details needed for their paper. There is a need for clients to leave their contact numbers and other information in case there are questions about the needed written work.

We make sure that if in case clients are unhappy with the type of service that they have received, they have a money back guarantee although this does not happen often. It is actually rare when this happens because we provide high quality written works for the personal use of our clients.